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david laughing at billies windy hair as they (try to) film a scene.

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Two little interviews (x), (x)

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rose tyler appreciation week: day five | one underrated moment

Sounds like you’re staying, then.
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make me choose: rose tyler or clara oswald

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image image
image image


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Christopher Eccleston on being the Ninth Doctor

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Step into the whodrobe!

I had such a ball remembering all kinds of trinkets from the Doctor’s adventures (especially the crystal from metabelis 3)

Also put it up on threadless! If you like it, feel free to give it a 5!

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50th Anniversary feelings! I really felt there was a big ‘9th Doctor’ shaped hole, I wish Eccleston had come back for the episode. I always felt that the Time War was his story.

So here is a little pic of The Moment with 9. (But why did The Moment had to dress like she fell out of a reject sample bin from Lululemon?)

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